Seminars, Workshops & Expert-Talks

21st century is an era of knowledge and knowledge has power to change the world. Our school just does not focus on the student development but also focuses on the Teachers’ development with reference to which we organize frequent training workshops for our staff members who get the training from the top experts of India. Because if our educators will not be upgraded then how would the students will be? Apart from the students and staff members, we also focus on the parents’ education, because every parent has right to know how to nurture their child personally also and thus, we have come up with such initiative.

‘Funda To Success’ Training By Mr.V.Muthu Ruben

The Staff members were guided and trained on ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by the trainer Mr. V. Muthu Ruben, Ph.D & Associate Professor at Christ University, Bengaluru. He started with the importance of Listening Skills and then gave fundas of success which would be helpful to them for navigation on various approaching skills like, Communication Skill, Time Management skill and how to work in a team.

Training by Mr.Rajeev Rajan

The staff members were guided for balancing “Emotional Intelligence in Classroom Management” by the City Co-ordinator,Rajkot Region Mr.RajeevRanjan. There have been examples that Emotional Intelligence can be a Game-changer to high performance and personal leadership.So, it becomes a necessity to provide the stake-holders with the required skills to identify the emotional quotients and to balance them within the classroom atmosphere to bring out the best in students.

Phonetic Workshop by Ms. Sangeeta Gopalani

Workshop on the topic ‘Jolly Phonics Training’ by a Kindergarten Counselor, having more than 10 years of teaching experience in Kindergarten conducted a Phonetics Workshop for Pre-primary & Primary teachers.

Motivational Seminar by Mr. Prakash Dangar

Mr. Prakash Dangar, a motivational Speaker and Mentor guided the Educators on ‘Personal and Professional Goal Setting’. They were explained the key to Success by dividing the desired Goals into small achievable sections and to accomplish one by one.

Expert Session by Mr. Girish Dalvi & Mrs. Hetal Desai

A two-Day workshop had been arranged for all the teachers of Genius Group of Institutions: Genius English Medium School, Jay International School, Rajkot International School, Kalwad English medium School, Genius Kids Kingdom: Main Branch, Dhebar Road Branch, Talentland Branch and Parsananagar Branch. The workshop was on the concept called ‘Haptitude’ and ‘Developing Student Leadership Programme’, by the well experienced trainers – Mr. Girish Dalvi and Mrs. Hetal Desai from Nrityanjali Institute, Mumbai. The workshop included lot many practical and innovative activities related to Haptitude, Public Speaking, Leadership qualities and Team work along with the updated knowledge for the development of the teachers.

Expert Talk by Dr. Deepa Bhanushali

The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill and the willingness to learn is a CHOICE and we always choose to stay upgraded. As a part of Teacher’s Enhancement Program, a well-known trainer Dr. Deepa Bhanushali specially came from Mumbai to train our teachers on the topic ‘Story Telling’ in the most expressive way who explained how story telling makes the subjective learning more interesting and innovative. Apart from live examples and power point presentation, she also gave a task to prepare one story to each group and to express it in the best way. Our teachers truly enjoyed this session and learned how to implement practically while teaching.

Training by Mrs. Pradnya Gokhale

“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual.” Expert training session had been arranged for all the teachers of Genius Group of Institutions. The day started with the inaugural ceremony of ‘???????’ – Teacher’s Enhancement Program. And then, well experienced trainer Mrs. Pradnya Gokhale took a session on the topic ‘Music Dance Visual Art Theatre in Curriculum. She started with the warm up exercise with the help of tables. Ann talking about main topic, she taught how to utilize Music and Dance in teaching methodology and how to make the subjects interesting along with different activities.

Expert Training Session Dr. Sunita Singh

“Learning is not about the facts, but the training of the mind to think.” The expert training session was held for the pre-primary teachers of Genius Kids Kingdom: Main Branch, Dhebar Road Branch, Parsananagar Branch, Talentland Branch, Jay International School and Kalawad English Medium School by the well experienced trainer Dr. Sunita Singh on the topics like Story Telling and Circle Time activity who also explained 7 principles of Maria Montessori Teaching, Montessori theory of Absorbent Mind, its characteristics, acquisition of language, movement, culture and role of a teacher.

School Effective Transformation Program

It is truly said that the teachers are the creators of all the professions, it becomes more important to bring about the positive changes required for self & professional development.

Mrs. Usha Mani Mam, the Director of Essar School, Jamnagar moved further in the second session on Behavioral Changes. Topics like, How do I change? How can I be the change-maker and what principles should be followed to overcome the habits in us were highlighted. She launched this program for the first time through Genius Group of Schools, conducted in a 3 sessions. Activities which made the teachers realize the need of Self-transformation were carried out. She ended up with interaction and live demonstration of the teachers. The TEP session was initiated by Ms. Kajal Rathod with a systematically guided Meditation therapy.

Expert Session by Mr. Harish Iyer

Mr. Harish Iyer, the founder & CEO at Flinnt (Concepts iConnect Pvt. Ltd.) having a vast exposure of teaching learning practices of educators on the topic “Revisiting Teaching & Learning Concepts” by discussing on how to alter and points to consider while preparing a Lesson Plan for any age group  as a part of Teacher’s Enhancement Program. Earlier also, Mr. Iyer delivered a training session on ‘Importance of teaching and how technology helps in better functioning.’

Expert Guidance by Ms.Geeta Sikdar

The Headmistress of Vadodara-based Navrachana & Vidyani School: Ms. Geeta Sikdar along with support team of Ms. Yeeshika Bali & Ms. Chitralekha iyer trained the Pre-primary teachers on “Exercises of Practical Life and Learning Language and Numbers” through Games by showing hand-on activities based on Maria Montessori teaching methodology.

Teacher's Enhancement Program Dr. S.B. Jadeja & Mr. Parish Joshi

As a part of Teachers’ Enhancement Program, the teachers were given an overview of different types of learners by Dr. S.B. Jadeja whereas Mr. Parish Joshi explained how the teachers themselves can be the digital ambassadors of their institute and basics of photography as well.

English Development Program by Mr. Parvez Kotadiya

The staff enjoyed English Development Program guided by Mr. Parvez Kotadiya. He made the teachers to play a game of Power Chair which focused on team building and a Human Library concept which helped the teachers know each other well.

Flinnt & School Management Training Session

The day started with first session on Yoga & Meditation by expert Mr. Parag Nirmal. Another training session was on School Management Software by Mr. Harin Desai. In the last session, Mr. Tarak gave training on Flinnt.

Communication Skills Training by Mr. Paresh Joshi

Mr. Paresh Joshi, a well-known trainer, interacted with the teachers on various Communication Skills as a part of their English Language Enhancement Program.

Workshop by Mr.Utpal Buch

The Administrators had a brainstorming one-day workshop on ‘Performance & Mindset Management’ by a certified Performance Management Trainer & Mindset Coach-Mr.UtpalBuch where he covered subtopics like Expectation setting, Active Listening and attention giving to small details in Admin Dept., Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Time Management and Stress Management.

Training by Dr.Mayur Patadia

Training on the topic ‘Teaching Style with Creativity & Competency-based Learning’ by a Resource Person and C.B.S.E. trainer Dr. MayurPatadia was arranged for the teaching staff.

Personality Grooming Seminar by Mr.Prakash Bhatt

As a part of Staff Enhancement Program, the staff members were trained on ‘Effective Communication & Positive Attitude’ by Mr. Prakash Bhatt, a BCCI & Match Referee having more than 7 years in Human Resource Development subjects like Positive Attitude,  Goal Setting, Leadership, Effective Communication & Team Building. The real life consequences shared by the trainer were easily connected by one and all, thus to convey to them the actual purpose of the training for one’s personal development as well as professional development.

'Commerce pe Charcha' By Mr. Atul Mehta

Expert session of Jay International School was marked Grade 11th and 12th students enjoyed ‘Commerce pe Charcha’ session with the expert Mr. Atul Mehta a well-known charted Accountant of Rajkot. The students willingly joined in asking questions to the expert. They were excited after getting the informative session their career as a CA.

Taxation Seminar

An Expert Session was held for the Commerce students for understanding the concept of Income Tax. The income tax officers Mr. Rajendra Singhal, Shri l.P. Yadav, and Mrs. Mary Varghese provided the basic knowledge about the different tax departments, tax slabs, deductions etc. to the students.

Session on Career Guidelines

A Guest Session had been arranged for the Commerce Students and the session was taken by Mr. Atman Joshi on Career Guidelines. Apart from current students, the School Alumni also came to express their experiences. The students learned about cracking different entrance exams and how to present their selves in the professional world.

Parenting Seminar by Ms. Chetna Desai

A dynamic Educationist having an experience of over 20 years in the Education Field as a Student-Parent Counselor and a Staff Mentor at Canada, interacted with the parents of the School on the topic ‘Digital Detox’. The usage of technology in appropriate quantity only is suggestible was explained to the parents as well as the students. The adverse effects displayed when the communication gap widens among the generation lead to misunderstandings was effectively conveyed.

Session by Dr. Pratiksha Rajani

“Every child is blessed with a unique talent”. The first ‘Parents Expert Session’ was held on the topic “ACCEPTANCE VS. COMPARISON” for all the Pre-Primary section parents of our school along with Genius Kids Kingdom: Main Branch, Dhebar Road Branch, Parsananagar, Talentland, Rajkot International School. A well-known Child Psychologist Dr. Pratiksha Rajani provided her superior knowledge to the parents about the child behavior, child habits, how to treat a child at various stages etc. Overall, all the parents found the session very informative and shown their interest to have session on various topics in future too.  Earlier also, Mrs. Pratiksha Rajani guided Grade 9 to 12 students of our school in her expert session on the topic ‘Know Yourself’. She guided the students to identify their physical, mental, emotional, and social strength through activity called Know Yourself. The students were guided to ask various questions to their selves to know about them. Students were guided to find their true goal. Through ‘The Happiness Jar’ activity, the students were guided to know more about themselves.

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